Thursday, February 4, 2010

My favorite discovery: Fanfarlo.

A few months back, I found Fanfarlo on Bandstand Busking and fell in love. An hour later discovered that they would be playing in town two weeks later. This is why I love "coincidences."

So, today, Fanfarlo is the band of the day. Actually, Fanfarlo is my band-of-the-day every day, their music is addicting and never fails to make me happy.

Fanfarlo really composes music, and their musical creations are magical and completely enthralling.

Amoeba Music describes them perfectly, "...the UK five-piece create a heart-wrenchingly beautiful world on Reservoir..." ( ).

There are tons of great performances by Fanfarlo on the web, but this one seems to perfectly capture their creativity and beautiful sound. Like many bands, your experience changes when you watch them perform live. Fanfarlo is so fun to watch live because their quirky and authentic intensity shows their passion and sucks you in even more! Enjoy!

Here are some other performances to check out:

"Just let the Comets lead the way..."

"Drowning Men" at Brighton U Loop Festival '09

This is just cool and especially beautiful right around 2:40.
("Luna" for a Black Cab Sessions and Take Away Shows collaboration.)

...and this is just cool... "Luna" in the garden.